Labyrinth 2

Help Super Mucus Boy to kill Gish. You gonna be rage and kill your keyboard, lol [...]

Project Archer

Game de ação CasualSeu objetivo é usar suas habilidades e boa mir [...]

Text Game

Um classico jogo de plataforma sem historia . Setas para moverZ para atacarR par [...]

Fire in Z

se proteja dos zumbis coloridossets para mover z para atacar x para espedial


consiga o maior ponto de minerais para passar de fase...

Wheel Challenge

Some functions are only available for android.Download currently at:-LRB-**) Cha [...]


é um jogo de plataforma que um bichos estranhos atacam a terraSETAS DIRECIO [...]

Tap Spinner

Tap to reverse the spinner! See how long you can last against unlimited heights [...]

Industrial Zone

Could you endure the Industrial Zone? ) Hit the base of this Gem Boxes to discha [...]

Outpost Horizon Station

Tragic. Horizon was a farming channel. Hardly anything left today. It could be r [...]

Down Color Block

Down Color Block...Game for pleasure:-RRB-signature and arrow essential...

The Adventures of Emerald

Your Character, Emerald is definitely going on an adventure! ) That he wants to [...]

Five Nights at Bluuy”s

Um jogo de terror, passe five noites preso em um porão se poucos itens para [...]

Unlocked The Lock

Attempt to unlock the lock...Tap or Click the yellow dots


Eat seafoods, prevent apples.Don't get moist, and steer clear of bears! arr [...]

Galactic Safari

# & I 039;ve been operating for a little while with this game and that I 'm [...]

nave espacial

clique com o mouse tela para Agency a naveou Utilize a seta Perform tecladoDesvi [...]

Bobo Kun

Quick however candy platformer the place you information a small blue ball refer [...]

falling skies

prevent asteroids out of falling on ground by tapping them on to make them burst [...]

O Bicho no Rio

Jogo de corredor Infinito o jogo não tem fim então se divirta jogando [...]

3-3 Gravity

I created this game at a little under 2 weeks to its 2018 Game Maker's Tool [...]

Skull Jumper: ????????

Here is the first version of Skull Jumper game I wanted to include with the aim [...]

o passaro

Jogo simples vou melhoracrie um jogo P passaro que estou sem ideia de jogo e meu [...]

Ghost Sniper

Ghost Sniper is amazing sniper game with fine images. I've attempted to provide [...]

Skull Jumper

This is a straightforward but hard one degree platformer with a concentration on [...]

Ninja VS Zumbis

Se gostou obrigado se não obrigado também.Eu retirei a lojinha por que [...]




contact all of the packing containers and return to base (60 Ranges)A LEFTD RIGH [...]

Books Tower – Sell Exclusive ..

Hello, guys. Watch our newest game available - Books Tower (Accessible Exclusive [...]

jump jump goooooo

lololololololololololololololololoololololololololololololololololololololololol [...]


Play free on Google Play: [...]


Eat fish, prevent apples, don't be eaten by the bears. arrow key: abandoned [...]

It”s Impossible, Escape Candyland

Gather the batter, jump all of the mad confronted foods and vegetables.Walk abou [...]

Man vs Asteroid

The challenge here Would Be Not to get Struck from the Asteroid mid-air...[Space [...]

Tappy plane

Harness to fly, don't collapse of the display, dodge the plumbing and colle [...]

Cosmic Gravity

Challenge yourself and friends to endure against indifferent drives and looming [...]

alien wars

fly around on your spaceship Bursting ufos along with your shotgun and ufo like: [...]

Color Tower – Falling Boxes

Get Source Code: [...]

Don”t Drop The White Ball 2

Access Source Code: [...]

Falling Bottle Challenge

Access Source Code: [...]

Jump Ninja Hero

Access Source Code: [...]


Access Source Code: [...]


Access Source Code: [...]

Spear Toss Challenge

Access Source Code: [...]

Switch Dash

Access Source Code: [...]

Falling Dots

Access Source Code: [...]

Flat Crossbar Challenge Game

Access Source Code: [...]

Juice Bottle – Fast Jumps

Access Source Code: [...]

Stickyman Run

Access Source Code: [...]

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