Alien City

Salve a Galaxia nessa aventura, derrote todos os inimigos, pegue as recargas e l [...]

Mission: Collect Coin”s and fight ..

Collect the coins by passing through them. Grab the Ladybirds by jumping on them [...]

Out Of Darkness

Point and click adventure game at a mysterious labyrinth. Pick the eye, or motio [...]


like mario games I Create Just this time you're luigiarrow keasw Leap upa left l [...]


My game isn't much but its amazing!!! Its about the personality and how he conse [...]

Mario upgrade from 2

hello this is my 3rd mario game w / s to move or down left ot move r restarts th [...]

da slim adveentur

tim p slim needs two go on da adveentur. That he neds ur help. Use the arrow key [...]

almost Imposible

boing from cake to cake murdering the bees as you move. Ensure that you don' [...]

Body and Soul

A detached soul has to finish trials to recoup its missing body. Up arrow to get [...]


Demo Parody of both Sonic and faculty undertaking. Right arrow to go RightLeft a [...]

Adventure fighter!

That really is a 2D side scrolling game in which you travel to various worlds (n [...]

FG Kangoroo Adventure

se aventure pulando com om kangoroo aventureiro por vários mundosUse as set [...]

cabeça de abobora vs zombies

é um jogo Lawful ele consiste em um jogo de plataforma e lutakkkkkkkkkkkkkk [...]

Peter”s Adventure

Guide Peter throughout the 5 levels which are in this game and collect as many c [...]

Tower of Ruin

Acquire treasures and keep away from bats as you climb the tower!First pupil gam [...]


Please play and provide a fantastic remark. You're a hunter looking for safe and [...]

Game of Shadows Free

Game of ShadowsA minimalist arcade game with logical components where the entire [...]

Cloud Jump

Jump on clouds to accumulate components, as soon as you have 10 you beat the lev [...]


Het is een platfrom game.De bedoeling is om heelhuids het einde te behalen. pijl [...]

Mijn eerste Game

het is een spel voor college dus ik hoop dat het een goed cijfer krijgt. ik ben [...]


Restore the mild. Save the world.A mysterious game produced at the Ceismc App & [...]


You're an asylum-seeker, travelling from Aleppo, Syria into Athens, Greece. Avoi [...]

Lol Surprise Game

Gather 11 Diamonds and then get to the ending to get a surprise! ) Arrows into m [...]

Super Asteroid Pilot

As pilot Erin Starr you need to earn your way to your own I.P.S.S to collect you [...]


Es un juego para eliminar mounstruosGira avanzadispara da vuelta elimina gira al [...]

Mario 2

about the Build 2 arcade Mario is my Initial game and That is Just Another one I [...]


Point , correr, saltar, sobrepasar obstaculos, coger gemas y llegar al closingPo [...]

Anagh”s Mobile Quest

Anagh loves listening to music and enjoying cellular games. However he has mispl [...]




um ET que anda por uma rua para matar bichos e gelecassetas para Agency (pra cim [...]


Cancer was a game I left back in middle school and once I discovered this it tau [...]

Kieran”s platformer

that a platformer game. Stage your way to success arrow keys to movedouble jump [...]

Adventure fighter! (Demo)

That really is a 2D side scrolling game in which you travel to various worlds (n [...]


This town has rotten completely. Drug cartels, authorities, mass media and terro [...]

A historia do Rato

Jogo simples posso atualizar Use d pra direita a pra esquerdaO jogo e pra ser di [...]

Circle Quest

As a Nighttime you Want to go in an adventure to save your kingdom from Bad, use [...]

car meet simulator

Jeu de voiture où vous devez progresser dans le monde afin de vous rendre a [...]

sonic o ataque supremo do egg man

egg man esta atacando vc precisa vencer eleuse as setas para se mover e o mouse [...]


Touring by dimensions, the crystal that powered your Teleport Machine broke. You [...]

Industrial Shootdown

Run, jump and shoot your way to Success in this Brief platformer Right-Arrow Key [...]

Wizard Game

Kill the enemies and Gather up the Power Up-ForwardDown-BackwardLeft-LeftRight-R [...]

Castle Platform

jogo lixotrash game of the 12 months, very lixo, a lot trash.... realy.arrows: d [...]

Scotland Churches Trust Game

Edutainment game for children to learn areas inside a church. Employed for Scotl [...]

Fri Boi

You play as Fri, the 1 potato fry left in the base of the fryer, attempting to c [...]

Gabe the dog

Go round the home and the park with gabe the dog, utilizing cool interactions!Cl [...]

Infinite Blox

Get to the tip, utilizing your Laser Sword to dam Bullets and defeat the enemy.U [...]


Full all the degrees with Flip the robotic monkey and free the opposite monkeysA [...]

turtle life

Become a Adorable turtle and Total Enjoyable challenges( mario is Included )[lef [...]

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