help! What's glitching! arrows to move,jump and what

Sheep in the Mountain

Guide a sheep through quaint mountain terrain.Single-Level Platformer Game Theor [...]

Run Rabbit

Aqui voce tem que passar de fasesD-PARA IR PRA DIREITA RIGHTA-PARA IR PA ESQUERD [...]

Alien City

Salve a Galaxia nessa aventura, derrote todos os inimigos, pegue as recargas e l [...]

Mission: Collect Coin”s and fight ..

Collect the coins by passing through them. Grab the Ladybirds by jumping on them [...]

Out Of Darkness

Point and click adventure game at a mysterious labyrinth. Pick the eye, or motio [...]


like mario games I Create Just this time you're luigiarrow keasw Leap upa left l [...]


My game isn't much but its amazing!!! Its about the personality and how he conse [...]

Mario upgrade from 2

hello this is my 3rd mario game w / s to move or down left ot move r restarts th [...]

da slim adveentur

tim p slim needs two go on da adveentur. That he neds ur help. Use the arrow key [...]