A Vila Das Nuvens está com problemas. Nightmare, o rei do Reino Dos Pesadel [...]

A Pixel Adventure – The Castle Of ..

The narrative targets Leon, a priest who resides in a castle with his own Lady, [...]

Q-Roc Free

An Early Experience Which follows the journey of This Q-Roc warrior through unch [...]

O Caminho Acolhedor

Jogo feito para o projeto fa&Fa 231;a acontecer, pela equipe Number 14-AELIntegr [...]

Kunk & Fob Adventure

Kunkler that the Troll wants your help! Traveling through the assignments to hel [...]


Assist the astronaut to discover a means out of 3 planets. Mouse, kursor key (le [...]

My Hat in Land (test version)

hello Men Advised to SkyHat a game of Stage and Experience this game is under de [...]

Mega Explore 2.0

My game is a stage game, you have to research a few worlds and reach into the mo [...]

Mario jumper

Mario jumper is only a platformer game of Mario amount check out my additional g [...]

space adventure

You've landed on a humorous planet.So you need to jump and prevent enemies to di [...]

Duck pond

Guide happy-go-lucky Duck via a dangerous park for into the Pond! -- INSTURCTION [...]

Happy Birthday!

Dr. Evil stole Mr. Lip's birthday cake, and you have to stop Dr. Evil! This [...]

Find your family

Get through the whole woods by find every bit of bamboo to locate your family. U [...]

running rat

Play my game to Get a Fantastic Adventure As Much as Leap twice to Dual jumpleft [...]

Zombie Apocalypse

Proceed into the portal site and Fight the critters to success!!! Dodge all the [...]

The adventure

Embarque em uma aventura para salvar a princesaPersonagensCavaleiro azulPrincesa [...]

Patrick”s Parkour

Patrick is at distance seeking to escape the only Squid-ward. By escaping squid [...]

Gun Dude Parkour

Don't get murdered by Kim Jong Un and access into the upcoming levels by ge [...]

Arctic Adventure

You've left home to find food for your infants. Nevertheless, there's a lot of d [...]

Abandoned Forest House

Research Abandoned Forest House in this Point and then click on concealed object [...]

adventure of the E.T

Um pequeno alienígena vai desvendar os mistérios da Terra. Mas vai ter [...]

Strong men adventures

Sua foundation secreta foi descoberta pela policia, e agora você tem que fu [...]


Alfred Wants your help to calm the ghosts of his friends, collect the flowers an [...]


Progress throughout the fairly underworld. Make it through the fairly world and [...]

Big Surprise

There's something big coming your way! Gather the keys to make it to the surpris [...]

Blue”s Quest

Max é um alienígena explorador e pesquisador de lady áxias, em um [...]


help! What's glitching! arrows to move,jump and what

The 2 Minute Adventure

Access the box into the decoration. Prevent birds, lava waves, street spikes, ga [...]

Pirâmide do Faraó

Tente chegar à pirâmide do Faraó, se você tiver coragem! Jog [...]

Sheep in the Mountain

Guide a sheep through quaint mountain terrain.Single-Level Platformer Game Theor [...]

Run Rabbit

Aqui voce tem que passar de fasesD-PARA IR PRA DIREITA RIGHTA-PARA IR PA ESQUERD [...]

Fireguy run go go go

gammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm [...]

Alien City

Salve a Galaxia nessa aventura, derrote todos os inimigos, pegue as recargas e l [...]

Mission: Collect Coin”s and fight ..

Collect the coins by passing through them. Grab the Ladybirds by jumping on them [...]

Out Of Darkness

Point and click adventure game at a mysterious labyrinth. Pick the eye, or motio [...]


like mario games I Create Just this time you're luigiarrow keasw Leap upa left l [...]


My game isn't much but its amazing!!! Its about the personality and how he conse [...]

Mario upgrade from 2

hello this is my 3rd mario game w / s to move or down left ot move r restarts th [...]

da slim adveentur

tim p slim needs two go on da adveentur. That he neds ur help. Use the arrow key [...]

almost Imposible

boing from cake to cake murdering the bees as you move. Ensure that you don' [...]

Body and Soul

A detached soul has to finish trials to recoup its missing body. Up arrow to get [...]


Demo Parody of both Sonic and faculty undertaking. Right arrow to go RightLeft a [...]

Adventure fighter!

That really is a 2D side scrolling game in which you travel to various worlds (n [...]

FG Kangoroo Adventure

se aventure pulando com om kangoroo aventureiro por vários mundosUse as set [...]

cabeça de abobora vs zombies

é um jogo Lawful ele consiste em um jogo de plataforma e lutakkkkkkkkkkkkkk [...]

Peter”s Adventure

Guide Peter throughout the 5 levels which are in this game and collect as many c [...]

Tower of Ruin

Acquire treasures and keep away from bats as you climb the tower!First pupil gam [...]


Please play and provide a fantastic remark. You're a hunter looking for safe and [...]

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