uma aventura num planeta diferente

É um jogo divertido e interessante que o jogador (Participant ) tem que mat [...]

Woosh The Game

Its really is a peculiar game about a peculiar person in a peculiar location. It [...]

The castle adventure

You want to perform jobs to your king and you do them by beating enemies. In the [...]

Super platformer – MagicMakers

Un platformer fait par une fille ayant participé au point Arcade:)Love! Les [...]

Sushi Platformer

Get back the sushi to the dish! Proceed through 10 various degrees and prevent t [...]

help the alien

You've got to leap the cubes using a alien and conquer the bat.Hope you enjoy th [...]

Magic Witch

Go from platform to platform, keep away from obstacles, defeat enemies, soar on [...]


A airplane wishes to go very far in the world but there's many hurdles.... Learn [...]



Friendly Fish

Please visit other games in my profile. Friendly Fish is submerged game, rescue [...]

Hopeless simulator

disknvhckhfdavcjldabg,vadv fynsvgoeisfj489oierlkj5iyoesgfjsbgdf7gdj,grafikjbgte7 [...]

Llama Drama

Llama-based platform game. FUNUPARROW JumpLEFtARROW Go leftRIGHtARROW Go rightSP [...]


Combine our adorable monkey Joe on his thrilling experience throughout the wilde [...]

The LadyBug Game

# & I 039;m only getting started, but I hope you enjoy it. Great gameUse as arro [...]

Escape Ashba

don't allow Ashba input the Guns, get SlashUse the arrows to command Axl. Don't [...]

Deep Grief

(My initial game) A little story about a bunch of friends that have harsh lifest [...]

Snail Bob 6

In Snail Bob 6 Winter Story you have to give Snailbob a joyous Christmas. Keep h [...]

Chibi Hero

Jump platforms, destroy enemies, collect coins and Also Rescue the princessESC: [...]

Do Or Die

Click on the alternatives you would like. Click on the alternatives you would li [...]

Sydney the Pirate Parrot

Scoundrels are working to kidnap the pirate parrot Sydney. Dodge their bombs pro [...]


colete todas as chaves e encontre o bauMotion =Arrow keys jump enemies kill them


That is actually my first time producing game and upload at Scirra arcade. Hope [...]


SonicMix by MasterPlay150.(RUS)Спасите Теилза из рук Инфинита!Пройди несколько х [...]

Run And Drink!

Leap over the barrels. dodge the beer and drink the water.Spacebar = JumpKey dow [...]

Starfish Collector

Transfer the turtle round and get the starfish. Attempt to not run into the rock [...]


A Platformer shooter the place you management a boy named Ty and his ghost pal n [...]

As Aventuras do Super Careca

................................................................................ [...]

Homem machado

Tens de matar todos os zombis e porcos.setas - movimentorato - atacar

a assustadora aventura

muito fixe e sobre uma pessoa que tem de salvar a familiasetas para andar para e [...]

An Half Adventure

An half journey due to limitations :(Use arrow keys for moveUse house for shoot [...]

Mr Maker Level Editor (Demo)

Mr Maker is a platform game with a degree editor, with varied objects, objects, [...]

The Last Ruin

The Last Ruin is a platform and journey game that tells the story of a courageou [...]

The Sundering

Brief 2D platformer game made for Game Play Creation projectBased in an apocalyp [...]

crie sua fase

você pode criar a sua própria fase nesse jogoarraste os objetos no can [...]

José Está Com Fome

José Está Com Fome conta a historia de um menino chamado José que [...]

Drink, Damn, Hate

This can be a starting of an interactive story about excessive sociopathy, fears [...]

Jogo do Antônio

Projeto de jogo 2D feito no curso rápido (Fast Code) da primeira, maior e m [...]


Brod is somewhat explorer, he must kill all of the monster to save lots of his v [...]

Adventure Baby

That is only a check.Assist the newborn attain the door, use the directional arr [...]

Little face dude

You might be block and that you must dodge enemies and get the very best rating [...]

Adventure Forest

You play as Chara, an adventurous gal on her manner by means of the forest. Make [...]

One Night Story

100 steps problem on 2 days. Easy "Noir" story on russian language.Sor [...]

Just another stupid game

Don't play it. Don't remorse. Don't do it. Don't... I don� [...]


um cara que usa um martelo para subir uma montanhause as setas e o mouse para gi [...]

Basic Plataformer

A easy game made by me final yr for a school undertaking that i discovered once [...]

Boss Whispy

It is a boss check so its very simple....UP arrow:jumpLeft and Proper arrow:move [...]

The Catcher Sack

The Catcher Sack is an HTML5 primarily based game created utilizing Construct2. [...]

Guinho”s Platform

Bounce on the snakes to kill them, thanks for any suggestions, and for enjoying1 [...]

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