Perfect Level Editor

1. ) Enables the player to make his own level/maps2. Save and load amounts as ma [...]


Get again dwelling however don't contact the water and malfunction! Thanks! [...]

Laundry Sorting Sprint

Laundry wasn't fun... until today. Double click begin to get started. Drag and d [...]

The Best Soup EVER

Attempt to create the most delicous soup to impress the judges! Drag and drop in [...]

Cool colour and number teaching game

Click on the right responses against the moment. Select your level problem for s [...]

Cool colour and number kid teaching game

This game will educate kids counting, arithmetic calculations and major and seco [...]

The Caverns

Mine and explore the way through cryptic surroundings so as to ruin a malicious [...]

Dave”s Challenge

"I trust you're excited for the challenge!" -DaveW JumpA D MoveLeft Mouse/S [...]

FizzBuzz, the Interview Question

This can be a program that runs the basic game FizzBuzz, and I used to be impres [...]


Shift! Is an enjoyable, fast paced, endless one-touch game.Simply change from wa [...]

Game Pizarro

Ayuda a Snugy That a matar a su enemigos y consumir las flores.Para Jugar utiliz [...]

Cookie Clicker Mobile

CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [...]

Mason Bleed”s Wonderful Math Game

Click on the spacebar or use the arrow keys to alter instructions. Keep away fro [...]


Acquire reminiscence fragments all through the game with out dying!Normal stroll [...]


Addition game for youngsters. Take the critters to move to another level1. Take [...]

Array Editor

#Features:#- Supports 1D, 2D, 3D arrays. - Import and export arrays from JSON fo [...]

Drawing Continuous Line

In case you attempted to make a game such as"berry" or a drawing software, you r [...]

Chip Spritefont

Character Width: 96Character Top: 128Character set:1234567890ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS [...]

White Cursive Spritefont

Character Width: 96Character Height: 128Character set:-LRB-***)ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ [...]

Universal Spritefont

Character Width: 96Character Height: 128Character set:-LRB-***)ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ [...]

Frozen Spritefont (5 in 1)

5 fashions of SpriteFontCharacter Width: 96Character Height: 128Character set:-L [...]

Wooden Spritefont

Character Width: 96Character Height: 128Character set:-LRB-***)ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ [...]

Grid – snap to grid

#Features:#- Shifting grid width and height is easy - You are able to snap items [...]

Radial Map

#Advantages:#- Two forms of minimap: "full map" and "participant [...]

Square Map

#Benefits:#- 2 kinds of minimap:"complete map" and"participant is the centre"- R [...]

Per Pixel Destruction

Advantages of my method of a pixel devastation:1. Perfect functionality 60 fps, [...]


There are 3 methods for scrolling:1. Dragging scroller2. Pushing arrows3. Slidin [...]

Selection Frame

#Features:#- Selection framework such as in RTS games- Works both on desktop and [...]

Self Typing Text

#Features:#- Change minimal delay and delay randomiser- You are able to make new [...]

Textbox Via Spritefont

#Features:#- Forget about default textbox limitations - No longer DOM, just Canv [...]

Touch (22 in 1)

Number Touch mechanics:Number - Scrolling along X-axis- Scrolling along Y-axis- [...]

(Warriors: Power of Three) Endless ..

Play like Lionblaze, Jayfeather, or Hollyleaf to leap across ledges and endure s [...]



Corre & Axiña

Escape in the spider: use the arrows on your computer and find the best score wh [...]

Rompe ladrillos

Juego que se basa en romper los ladrillos que aparecen con una raqueta y una pel [...]

Just Fishing

You are only a fisherman hoping to reside by.Made at 48h through a game jam.Than [...]

Flappy bird 2.5D

Flappy bird game with pseudo 3d wallsClick and Leap to avoid pseudo 3D walls

Developer Game test

Only a results of class (one thing)arrows keys - transfer , junp on the enemies [...]


Este juego trata de un patito que corre para lograr sus sueñosPara saltar u [...]

The log race

Gather the logs on your own way. While collecting the logs look after the risks [...]

Rube Goldberg

Watch a ball journey by a rube goldberg machineWatch a ball journey by a rube go [...]

Attack of the SQUIPs

Play as Michael Mell and Jeremy Heere, attempting to rescue themselves from the [...]

Ninja Platformer

another platformer reason not! WASD/Arrow keys to maneuver - Many degrees have v [...]


Create dracula fly into the caldronArrow keys to Maneuver dracula the Remainder [...]

Little Mermaid

Catch ariel and Reunite into a Own Cave Arrow keys to Maneuver ursalathe rest Wi [...]

The Maze

navigate by totally different elements of a mazeFirst half arrow keys to moveSec [...]

Christmas Platform

Santa is Missing help him to Conserve christmasArrow keys to move the character [...]


# & It 039;s A miniature version of Arkanoid...Left and Right keys to utilize th [...]

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