Locate your way throught the maze, but don't reach the walls! Get to the cr [...]

Tap & Clapp

Tap & Clapp is a physics mystery game. Game attributes:- 60 amounts - fresh game [...]

Dot Puzzle!

A very simple puzzle game that assesses your skill to make sure dots light up ba [...]


makes single hex that focused a card to the left, and never having it set off he [...]


This game is really a tiny pink blob that's hoping to acquire the crown to the Q [...]

Gem Grab

You are attempting to gain favor with the King who recently lost tons of his sto [...]

Game 0.0

This game is a great game however you have to learn how to play it however there [...]

quebra cabeça

e um jogo bem legal eu que fiz deixa a sua avaliacao sobre o jogo! Agency o mous [...]

ImpossibleGame Level 3

Not possible Game Level 3Escape!RIGHT ARROW - stroll rightLEFT ARROW - stroll le [...]

ImpossibleGame Level 2

ImpossibleGame: Level 2Survive!RIGHT ARROW - stroll rightLEFTARROW - stroll left [...]

Jungle game

Assist the expolorer to cross the river.Use your left mouse button to tug the tr [...]

Chow-Chow Puzzle

Gather the puzzle pieces and Then bring them into the small dot in the top right [...]

Jogo de inglês

# & It 180;s a College game Made using Build 2, a game were you can play as Glor [...]

April Snowfall

https://dumivid.itch.io/april-snowfallDesktop model for higher optimisation.All [...]

Starman Odyssey

Follow the journey Starman team as they explore the world of Mars. Along the jou [...]


That is my first time utilizing Assemble 2. Sorry if my Grammar remains to be da [...]


Please work please work please work please work please workArrow keys. Gems. Sel [...]


Gemini is a 2D platformer the place you play as two characters directly. Assist [...]


Full the challenges by popping peas in a set variety of strikes. There are 50 ra [...]

Boat Rush!

Boat Rush is a Boat Driving Game through which you need to information your boat [...]


A devastating storm has robbed the world of all colour... and solely you may reu [...]

Fun Math Game!

You are running down the road, however there are large trash bags at the manner. [...]

The Happy Stickman

That is our first game and we hope you prefer it.Arrow up= soar Arrow upX2= doub [...]

Lucky Blocks

Fill in rows of your fortunate blocks to earn factors

Spring Flowers: Hidden Objects

Collect all of the hidden items on the spring blossoms images.Do you feel that y [...]

Money Detector: EURO

Locate seven differences in equal pictures of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 euro. Total [...]


Tes konsentrasi mata dan reflek tangan.Kategori Skor500 s.d. 600 ~ F4NT4STIS400 [...]

Sushi Matching

Match three or more equal Sushi bits and get to the goal of every level!Time Sto [...]


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Stop It!

It's an infinite game which relieves your stress and provides energy and enthusi [...]

Spaceship Mechanic

You're the only mechanic in a unmanned spaceship when suddenly, the boat 's [...]

Jewel Hunt

Vintage Match 3 game with 40 exceptional levels and unlimited game style with bo [...]

Pizza Spot the Difference

Pizza Spot the Difference is enjoyable html5 game for youths and adults you can [...]


Go threw tough puzzles and find a variety of treasures. Do all kinds of things. [...]

Alien Blocks Match

Blend as numerous alien cubes of the identical colour as you can. There are just [...]

Differences Butterflies

Locate seven gaps on lovely butterflies on each level. Attempt to finish all fiv [...]

Mahjong Flowers

Play 150 amounts within this floral Mahjong game and attempt to make all gold st [...]

Dominoes Classic

Choose between three Dominoes game variations within this minimalist version of [...]

Kitchen Mahjong Classic

Discover pairs of equivalent Mahjong tiles on this kitchen-themed Mahjong join g [...]

Mahjong Connect Classic

Find pairs of Mahjong tiles and try to make as many points as possible in this p [...]

Color Pixel Art Classic

Color by amount and make countless amazing pixel pictures within this magnificen [...]

Labyrinth One

My first game.Ported from free pascal.Accumulate keys, however cant go throo key [...]

Fun-Find Him

Are you bored? Play Fun-Find Him!The game plot : Discover 50 optimistic emotions [...]


Game for enjoyable :) management with arrow keysGame for enjoyable :) management [...]


Make the world a happier place...Drop optimistic power on the unhappy folks.drag [...]

Slots Beach

colourful slots on the seaside. good music, lovely graphics, assure many hours o [...]


Easy Clicker. We have to gather and promote apples, mushrooms, potions.Click on [...]

Word Search Classic

Can you discover all of the phrases hidden within the grid on this traditional p [...]


Forehead Battle Block is a multiplayer tetris clone which helps as much as eight [...]

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