Pong [Single Player version with a twist]

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Simply a remake of Pong I made as an exercice to discover ways to use Assemble 2.As keyboard controls are aweful, that is a single participant version controled with the mouse solely.Ball pace doesn't change, and angle of movement is barely +/- 45 or 135°. Don't to spend an excessive amount of time on this. Nevertheless it was a good (and enjoyable) exercice !I added some bizarre sound results, from a french comedian brief animated cartoon ("Avez-vous déjà vu…?"). ^^
Esc Pause or Return to Title ScreenEnter Begin or Restart the gameMove mouse up and down to manage top of each paddles


Game Instructions

Esc Pause or Go back to Title ScreenEnter Start or Restart the gameMove mouse up and down to control height of both paddles

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