Skull Jumper: ????????

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Here is the first version of Skull Jumper game I wanted to include with the aim of comparing into the upgraded version, which will be exceptional and contains dozens of new features and improvements ( Jumper is an easy but hard single-level platformer with a concentration on level layout and exploration. Gameplay involves navigating a thickly packed platform design, in search of an elusive target place, while dodging 'passing tiles' which immediately kill the stage persona sending the player back into the start of the design. Fantastic luck! (Let me know the number of tries it took you to overcome this in the remarks ).
correct arrow = forwardsleft arrow = backwardsup arrow jump (another time for double hop )You are going to want to travel up using the gloomy jump-through tiles whenever you can, on your hunt for the purpose tile.


Game Instructions

right arrow = forwardsleft arrow = backwardsup arrow = jump (a second time for double jump)You will want to travel upwards using the blue jump-through tiles whenever possible, on your search for the goal tile.

Game Stats:  107 Plays
Game Categories:  Action