Hosting a Gaming Event

Hosting a Gaming Event

When you decide you want to host a board game event, you have several choices to make. Let’s take a look at some of the most important items you will want to consider in planning a fun board game event.

You need to determine whether you will create a guest list and send out individual or group invitations (using email, Facebook, Google+, etc.) or whether you will open it to the general public. This choice you make may depend on where you intend to hold the event.

If you host it at a private residence, like your own home, you probably – though not necessarily – will send specific invitations. If you host at a public place, like a library, you might elect to open it to everyone and publicize it using whatever media are available in your town.

The date, start time, and end time of your game event may depend on where it’s located. Public places are often only available at certain times, but you can probably schedule an event in your house whenever you want. Would you rather have a game night event during the work week or a game day event on the weekend?

Will children be allowed to attend? Will they too be expected to play games – during the entire duration of the event? If you are considering including children, will there be a minimum age limit?

Do you have enough age-appropriate games for everyone? Especially if children are involved, you might encourage attendees to bring some of their own games along.

You should be prepared to teach games to your visitors. It’s not likely that everyone will know every game that you’ll play.

Do you haveĀ fun board gamesĀ that can handle various amounts of players? You should have some that you can play with 2 to 5 players at least.

You will also need to set some rules regarding food and drink. Will they be allowed at the event at all? If so, who will provide them? Will they be permitted at a game table or only elsewhere in the room or building? Some board gamers insist that their board games be kept in tip-top condition and do not want gamers’ cheese-covered fingers anywhere near their games. That’s fine; just be sure to let everyone know the rules from the start.

Gaming events are great fun as long as you plan ahead, use some common sense, and let everyone know what to expect.

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